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Name:Craig the Beautiful
Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:Sydney, NSW, Australia
Yeah, yeah, that narrator can disclaim all she wants. This is my journal. I'm Craig, clearly the prettiest member of The Chaser. Don't know who we are? Well, you should by now. We're world famous or something.

Why yes I have wings. What of it? I'm hardly going to give them back now. Don't touch the wings, by the way. No one gets to touch them but me.

[Craig stretches his wings and puffs his chest and the narrator rolls hir eyes at his displays of masculinity.]

Sasha: If you're such a perfect example of masculinity, why did you make me pick 'other' as your gender? Hmm?

You'd never have as much fun with me that way. Trust me. I'm the muse remember?


Disclaimer: This is an RP journal for the muse known as Craig Reucassel, as played by Sasha a.k.a [personal profile] sashataakheru. Sasha can be contacted at hir journal, or by email: ibdjehuty[at]

This journal is entirely fictional. It is completely unauthorised. It has no relation to Craig at all and should not be taken as real.

Craig is terribly amused that I even thought this was a competition between him and my other two muses as to who would get the RP muse journal. He is currently preening his wings in a most smug manner, the bastard.

Interests (8):

being an annoying bastard, drag, editing his authors work, genderfucking, preening, smartarsery, teasing chris, vanity
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